My top 6 prom dresses!

It’s that time of year again. Prom! I guess it can be a good time and a bad time. Nothing is worse when you plan the best promposal and then get rejected and you feel like you’ll be #foreveralone.

This post is here for everyone who is going to prom or is ditching prom and is just going straight to the after-party. Please enjoy my top 6 prom dresses!

*Sorry in advance for no pictures. Just click the links to view them!**

1.) Long Navy Blue Dress from David’s Bridal

Dress Cost: $199.95

I am not sure what is cheap or expensive for a prom dress. I guess you can buy a cheap one for under $100 at forever 21, but usually girls go with the expensive ones to out-do their best friends. This dress is very beautiful. I personally can’t do long dresses because I am a short person, so make sure to wear heels if you are short like me.

2.) Mint Mermaid Prom Dress from David’s Bridal

Dress Cost: $114.98

I love this dress. I wouldn’t wear it personally, but it is cute and if it was last minute I think I would go for this one. I like the stone work and how it looks on the body part of the dress. I don’t really like dresses that you can’t see your feet in from personal experience, I kept tripping on my skirt.

3.) Strapless Ombre Prom Dress from David’s Bridal

Dress Cost: $79.98

I actually like this dress too much. It’s something about ombre I think. Again, I am a picky person so don’t avoid this dress because I am saying I don’t do strapless dresses or long dresses. I am just here to advertise my top 10 picks. Like I said earlier, I like this dress but also with strapless clothes, I always have to pick at it because I’m scared it’ll fall off.

4.) Sleeveless Red Ombre Prom Dress from JCPenney

Dress Cost: $79.99

I like this dress. Again, it’s an ombre dress but it’s red and it has straps. If my first choice prom dress was sold out or was no longer made, I would go with this one for sure. It looks comfortable and you could wear it with sandals or a shoe that isn’t heels. And it’s affordable.

5.) Black Spaghetti Strap High-Low Dress from JCPenney

Dress Cost: $59.99

This dress is actually really cute. It does look basic with the exception of the part underneath the skirt. I like it and it’s affordable. But this is my personal opinion that you shouldn’t wear black to prom because prom is a happy thing and mostly people wear pastel colors or dark blue or brown. Black is a more sad color and I don’t think you should wear black to such a happy experience.

6.) Princess Sleeveless Lavender Prom Dress from

Dress Cost: $162.00

Normally Costs: $779.00

This dress and color is actually very pretty. I don’t do the princess skirt but it is really pretty. I think it’s cute and it’s only on sale for 50 more minutes so get to it now!!!




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