MUST HAVE: Summer Outfits

Summer is coming up soon, so why not talk summer outfits? These are my top 6 created outfits for the summer that will hopefully fit in your budget. Enjoy.


**Sorry my photos are not working, so please click the links to see what the products look like!**

1.) The Black and White Dress: 




I don’t wear dresses often, but when I do in the summer I tend to wear more black and white versus colors. Summer is a beautiful time where you wear colors but some reason I like wearing dark. No, I’m not emo.

This is on forever 21’s website and is in their ‘dresses for under $20’ page and it is very cute. The straps in the back criss-cross which is very cute. I would wear a light necklace like shown above and a light pink bracelet and maybe some white casual footwear. Or wear some wedged sandals.

2.) Floral Romper:




Crossbody Bag (optional):

“You’re lucky you can wear halters, I’ve got man shoulders.” I can’t look at a halter without thinking of that line from Mean Girls, am I right? The romper with the bag together is a little over $30.00 which is actually inexpensive considering that these clothes anywhere else could get pricey. You don’t have to use the bag, but it does look cute. Rompers are great, the only problem I have is that you have to get naked just to take a pee…

3.) The Ringer Tee and Denim :

Minnie Mouse Ringer Tee:

Ringer tees are so cute. I have a Mickey one myself, I personally wouldn’t wear a denim skirt this short, but I would probably wear high waisted blue denim shorts. I would also wear washed blue denim shorts as well. This is probably my favorite outfit so far. I will need to buy this for myself.

4.) Floral Cami:


As I said earlier, Summer is the time for bright, beautiful colors. This shirt can be made for spring but it can also pass as a summer outfit. I will need to get this one too. I would wear a light pink bracelet to match the flowers and some denim shorts (similar to the ones in the picture). I would also wear a necklace but not one that would be too distracting from the outfit. Maybe top it off with a ring and some pink, green or white vans or converse.

5.) Food Clothing:

Tank Top:

Yes, you read it correctly. Food clothing is a thing. I honestly don’t wear crop tops with high waisted shorts but I would wear them with a high waisted skirt. This shirt is bright and certainly unique so it can show your personality a little bit. I would wear a pink bracelet (which I know I would wear it with everything) and some converse that are plain and with no designs on them. Some people can rock design with design but I am not one of those people. So wear some non-busy bottoms and shoes.

6.) Animal Print + Black High Waisted Skirt:



I love high waisted skirts. I am so sad that I accidentally stretched out mine I have and that I outgrew the old one, it was my favorite! I am in need of a new one. I think this outfit would be a great outfit for walking the streets in the summer. It is darker, but it is so casual and it looks great! I would wear some casual jewelry like in the photo and wear some black converse/vans.


There you go! I hope you enjoyed my top 6 picks for the summer! They’re all from forever 21! Make sure to subscribe to my blog, you don’t need to have a wordpress account, you can just subscribe using your email and you will be notified when I post a new entry! Thank you for reading. Sorry in advance for blowing up your email inboxes!


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