Stores I want to shop at in 2016

Below is a lost of stores I want to shop at this year. Some of the stores listed I shop at, and some are stores that I have been in but I never bought anything.


  1. Brandy Melville- I really want to buy something because their clothes are so cute and I would love to include something from them in a mall haul video!
  2. Urban Outfitters- I am OBSESSED with boho style and I’ve heard this is the place to shop? I went in here to look at their vinyl collection but I would love to shop.
  3. forever 21- I shop here all the time, it’s my all time favorite store in the mall and I can’t go to the mall without stopping in here.
  4. Fashion Q/Qrew- I shop here and I love their clothes and the prices. Very affordable and stylish!
  5. Hot Topic- I shop here to buy anything pop culture related. Superheroes, bands, disney, you name it!



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