My Thoughts on: Emoji Clothing

I’m going to do this one type of post once a week, maybe one day it will be on Monday, and maybe once on Friday or the weekend sometime. Anyways, this is a weekly post about my thoughts on a certain clothes type/brand/designs/ the in-styles.

Something I have seen a lot is emoji clothing which I personally feel can be either cute or obnoxious. Just make sure that either your shirt or bottoms are plain color with the emoji print clothing.

These are some of the styles I’ve seen people rock or fail hysterically to rock:

Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 3.46.53 PM


I give these people credit, because it must be hard wearing a dress with poop on it… literally. I think making a complete outfit out of only emoji clothing will be terrible and disgusting. No offense, so as I said earlier, wear a hoodie/shirt with plain bottoms or vice versa. Out of the emoji products above, I would most likely wear the blue dress and the shirt with the monkeys on them.

I have actually seen emoji clothing for sale which I have the links provided below for you guys to look at, you’re welcome in advance.






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