Eyeliner: The Tricky Skill

I don’t know how this page is going to look when it’s done, but probably a rant. I see eyeliner as a tricky skill, only a few women/men can figure out how to do it. Now, I’m going to speak from past personal experience.

I personally can only do eyeliner using liquid, which you can purchase at any drug store, make up store or Target. I’ve tried doing pencil before and it looks extremely awful, I just can’t seem how to do it.

No matter how many youtube tutorials or watching friends to make up on other people I watch, it just doesn’t seem to work out for me, which is mostly why I use mascara only and not eyeliner.

Maybe this picture will help get the trick mastered:

Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 3.49.31 PM

Personally, I’ve only been able to do eyeliner correctly maybe one time, and I screwed up that time pretty good. Just to make this page finally interesting, I will tell you how this went down.

I was at a skating competition with my family, and my sister was getting ready to skate her free skating event at like 7 o’clock at night, and so I was bored. Our coach brought a friend who owns a really nice motor home and I went into the bathroom to mess around with makeup. I put on eyeliner and somehow I did it pretty well, and by pretty well, I mean I full on slayed it! Just kidding. So I was showing off my ‘makeup skill’ to my parents when I went back in the bathroom to put on some more eye makeup when I got a hold of the liquid eyeliner and I made stitches so I can feel like Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas. It smeared so I looked more like the disgusting picture I put on here the first time.


In result, I decided to just stay completely away from eyeliner, avoiding it all together. It looks ugly on me no matter who puts it on me. Thank you to my five readers for reading. 🙂


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