Clothing Reviews

Okay, so as you know from my first entry, I do write reviews on stores’ websites, this will probably be the most updated/longest page on this blog. Below you will find my personal reviews on all clothing items I have received or bought for myself. If you are interested in purchasing an item listed below, just click the link(s) to go straight to the store’s official website. No pictures are included, sorry. Also, the prices are what they are as of April 7th, 2016! 

NOTE: None of the stores give me free things to review. I just like to write reviews for future shoppers and my readers 🙂

5 Seconds of Summer Live Collage Tee– $14.35

Rating: 5/5

From: Hot Topic

Cute Shirt!

So obviously, I am a girl. I bought this tee in store and I didn’t realize this tee was a ‘guy’ shirt. I went to try on a small but it was too big so I ended up purchasing a small. It wasn’t too small up on the arms but it is long, but it’s not too bad. I recommend.


5 Seconds of Summer Silly Photo Girls Tee– $15.75

Rating: 5/5

From: Hot Topic

Great Tee!

I bought this back in October. I decided to buy a size medium (I’m usually a small) so then it would be more loose. It is, luckily. I bought it in store so I can’t try it on and it fit great and still does. It isn’t tight at all. I recommend you buy it one or two sizes bigger so it isn’t too tight. I love the tee and the picture!

The Nightmare Before Christmas Icons Dress– $17.49

Rate: 5/5

From: Hot Topic

I love the nightmare before christmas

I bought this in the store and I am in love with the material. I love the soft material and I love how it fits. I am not very tall and it goes right above my knee. It is stretchy and I got it in my usual size (small).

Disney Lilo and Stitch Cuddly Stitch Girls Tank Top– $17.15

Rate: 5/5

From: Hot Topic


I bought this in a recent package and it is so cute! I ordered it in a size small (my normal size) and it is a little big in the arm hole area, but it isn’t too bad. It’s better big than small right? Anyways, this is a cute shirt and definitely is a great addition to my Scrump and Stitch collection! I definitely recommend. Thank you hot topic for selling this shirt!

Harry Potter Hogwarts Gold Girls Raglan Tee

Rating: 5/5

From: Hot Topic

Great shirt!

I really like this shirt! However, when I got it out of the envelope, it looked kind of short, but once I put it on, it wasn’t the case. It wasn’t super long but it wasn’t too short either which is very good. The sleeves go up to my mid-arm, but it does go farther past the elbow (if that makes any sense). It washes great and fits great. In this shirt, you’ll look like a Hogwarts alumni.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Leggings– $19.95

Rating: 5/5

From: Hot Topic

Perfect leggings!

I love the material of these leggings so much! I am usually a medium in pants but I got a large in these since they run small. They fit great and they are great quality. They’re a perfect gift for any potterhead out there! The picture is great on the leggings, I have had mine for about two years now and they’re just the same as when I got them!

Snow White Raglan Sweatshirt– $15.99

Rating: 5/5 Stars

From Forever 21

My Review “Comfy!”

Very comfortable even though the material inside was a little rough and made me itch slightly. The design on the front was very cute however it only shows six of the seven dwarfs. The pattern is very cute and I love how the shirt is made. When I got this, I was expecting it to be like a sweater when it is more of a long sleeved tee. Wear this with a hoodie! Doesn’t keep you warm. Other than that, it’s great!

High Impact- Mesh Back Sports Bra– $12.90

Rate: 3.7/5

From Forever 21

My Review “Cute Bra, Somewhat Tight”:

Okay, so reading from the title, this is a cute bra. I like how it has the cutout in the back and how it is soft and it gives good support. The only problem I have with it is that it is tight. I ordered my usual tee shirt size, small and it is so tight. But, I know it’s also because it’s new, it will wear out and be more comfy the more I wear it. Don’t change your mind because I say it’s tight. It’s good quality and somewhat affordable, but it is tight only because it’s new. Other than that, I recommend.

Striped Baseball Tee– $9.90

Rate: 5/5 Stars

From Forever 21

Love this tee!

I previously had bought this tee in white and black and since I constantly wear it, I ordered it in the light blue color. I love to wear these with a pair of leggings and some converse. I think they make a great outfit. I have nothing negative to say.

Cropped Kiss Muscle Tee– $13.99

Rate: 5/5

From Forever 21

Great muscle tank!

Great shirt! I love wearing forever 21 muscle tees and this tee was awesome! I’ve been wanting it for a while but it was a little expensive so I waited until the price cut down a bit and it was worth the price! Great details and fits perfect.

Black Strappy Sports Bra (currenntly unavailable)

From forever 21, rate 5/5

I wear this bra for my PE class every other day and it is my favorite to wear because it can go under any black or dark tank top and it’s very cute. It isn’t too tight like the other one I purchased and it’s looser. It’s cheap but good quality.

Harry Potter Ringer Tee- $14.99

Rate 4.5/5 stars

From Kohl’s

Cute and soft!
I just received this as a gift and it is very cute. I am a size small, so this was given to me as a size small. The only issue I have is the part in the armpit is a little tight. Which is a pet peeve of mine when it comes to shirts. Other than that, it’s a great shirt. I love the soft material and the color as well. I love the designs as well. The designs are also kind of puffy rather than like printed on the shirt which I like. I definitely recommend to you potterheads!

Harry Potter Muscle Tee– $14.90

Rate: 5/5

From Forever 21

Love this!

I really love this tee! I am a HUGE potterhead and I love it very much. I got it a while ago and I’m happy it’s back in stock so I can write a review for it! The armholes are very big however and it’s long but it’s true to size. The head hole isn’t too small or anything which is great! I definitely recommend. It’s very stylish as well.

Plaid Flannel Shirt– $19.90

Rate: 5/5

From Forever 21

Very stylish!

I love flannel, even though it’s the spring. I love this particular one because it’s kind of punky and I love the colors. I saw and bought this in store in a size larger than my normal size. Which I bought it in medium. I was kind of hesitant at first because it was expensive, but once I tried it on, that thought went away. It is very well made and it fits well. I usually wear a cami underneath and I leave the flannel open, I rarely button it up. I definitely recommend!

Disney Snow White Evil Queen Tank– $17.15

Rate: 5/5

From Hot Topic

So comfy!

I bought this tank top in store and it fits great! The sizes run normal! I am usually a size small in tees and tanks and this tank was just the same. The colors are great and the arm holes aren’t too big which is good. I definitely recommend!

5 Seconds of Summer Plaid Skull Tee– $15.75

Rate: 5/5 stars

From Hot Topic

My Review “Looks and fits so perfect!”

I just received this as a gift and it fits perfectly. Usually, I am a size small in tees and tanks but in this tee I am a medium. It fits perfectly and the neckline isn’t too small which I appreciate. I recommend to other fans and this would be good to wear to your next 5sos concert!

Lion King Scar Surrounded Tee– $14.35

Rate 5/5

From Hot Topic


I bought this in store and held up different sizes to my body because this store location doesn’t have any changing rooms. I held up a small and it looked about right. I got home and I tried it on, and it wasn’t too tight anywhere! It is a great tee!

Disney Up Adventure Is Out There Tank– $17.15

Rate: 5/5

From Hot Topic

No Words (Pure Perfection)

I just bought this today, and it fits wonderfully! The sizes run true to size. The colors are bright and beautiful and I love this tank so much! It was a great buy.

Harry Potter Gryffindor Quidditch Raglan Tee– $17.15

Rate 5/5

From Hot Topic

Perfect for a Potterhead

I just bought this today and I am so happy I did. I looked around the whole store for the harry potter section when I came across it, I saw this tee laying there. So I bought my usual size and held it up to my body. I am so happy with this tee and it is so cute and fits great! I love the colors and I love how it fits. I just love everything about it. I recommend to any potterhead and it was such a great buy!



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